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It’s looking like we are past the tipping point! At last spinach is not just for Popeye.  Broccoli is no longer a foreign word in the language of children.  Cucumbers and even parsley are getting some respect. From the garden to the market into the kitchen and at the dinner table, kids are getting
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NEW SHOW! “BETTER FOOD CHOICES.” Kids Will Eat Healthier Foods – Really!” FRI.1pm ET, W4WN – Replay

Have your kids thrown freshly steamed broccoli onto the floor or spit it out?  Has your son or daughter locked his or her lips when facing a glass filled with a green smoothie? Have they turned their heads away with the “No Way Jose” body language when you’ve served them a salad made with
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The Power of Intention

Do you know that you have the power to change things just by thinking about it? If you follow Dr. Jo Anne White, you are probably already aware of how powerful your thoughts are. Your thoughts become your intentions, and your intentions are incredibly powerful. Just imagine if you combined the power of your intentions
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