VERY SOON! The insightful and interesting Dr. Robert Rose on CAREGIVING S.O.S., Wed., Aug. 15th, 2:00 p.m. EST on and

Throughout his eclectic career in social work and education, Dr. Robert Rose has challenged every sacred cow or status quo by his eclectic reading of many original thinkers. As an author and radio host, he has written two books in a projected continuous series spotlighting his Change Agent’s stories, how they are helping others, and offering each as a valuable resource. The first is REWIRING YOUR BRAIN: Insightful, Inspiring People. As a caregiver and from talking to others who are, he has written an honest and brutally powerful book that will help any caregiver (or those who may soon become one) no matter the illness. It is titled: “CAREGIVING: The SECRETS ARE …” Please join me for what will be a lively and interesting discussion on caregiving.