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Survive and Live Well, Tuesday, October 2nd at 1pm EST

Mammograms do not prevent cancer. Early detection does not prevent breast cancer; in fact, both may contribute to it. Treatments don’t cure and cause “resulting effects”, including more cancer. Are we really

Cancer, It Changes Us

Cancer, it change us and the way we relate to friends and loved ones. The challenge is making it work for all; the social dance. In Cancer Etiquette 101 Rachel Pappas and

Managing Medical News

Dr Engelbert joins us Tuesday on Survive and Live Well, to help us to step back, think rationally and to explore all options when faced with the call. You all know what

Eating for Cancer Recovery, on Survive and Live Well

Nutrients in foods can boost the immune system, cut off the pathways of cancer, and provide anti-cancer soldiers who search out eliminate renegade cells. Join us Tuesday, September 4th on Survive and

Do Cellphones Cause Cancer? Join us Tuesday at 1pm on Survive and Live Well

Cell phones, we can’t live without them; but are they safe for you, for your children? Can they cause cancer, infertility? Before you send your child off to school with a phone,

Survive and Live Well—Internet Radio for Cancer Patients, Cancer Survivors and Cancer Thrivers

I am no stranger to cancer. My father survived prostate cancer fifteen years ago; my mother battled breast cancer for thirteen years and lost her battle months after my own diagnosis. My

Survive and Live Well, Supplementation During Treatment, Tuesday at 1pm

When pure, safe, evidence-based nutritional supplements are appropriately formulated and used, they can help address specific nutritional deficiencies to support the quality of life for patients undergoing cancer treatment.  Consider a common

Survive and Live Well

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012–Tami Boehmer After more than 20 years working in health care public relations, Tami Boehmer was thrust into the world as a patient. In February 2008, she was diagnosed

What You Need to Know Now: Does a Virus Cause Breast Cancer in Women?

Yesterday on my show, Survive and Live Well, on W4CS, Dr Kathleen Ruddy spoke about a breast cancer virus that might be involved with 40-75% of breast cancer. She also discussed a

Survive and Live Well

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012–Dr Mia Talmor Dr. Mia Talmor MD, F.A.C.S, Associate Professor of ClinicalSurgery-WeillCornellMedicalCollege, specializes in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. She offers the most technologically advanced procedures available to enhance the