Survive & Live Well First Guest of New Show

Welcome to Survive and Live Well tips to treat and beat cancer!  My guest Tuesday is Ann Fonfa, a woman with breast cancer and an attitude.  Ann was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer almost 20 years ago and was advised to take chemotherapy.  Ann’s own innate sense told her that was not an option.  In 1997, Ann was diagnosed Stage IV.  That same year, Ann founded the Annie Appleseed Project, a nonprofit organization, to inform, educate, advocate and raise awareness around CAM and other issues.  Although this project began as Ann Fonfa’s personal answers to questions on natural therapies, from its inception, the Annie Appleseed Project set out to challenge the existing treatment paradigm, to question the existing research methods and subjects, and to propose new directions for both, ending with true Integrative Oncology. Her goal is to bring complementary and alternative therapies to the mainstream. Currently 90,000+ users visit her site monthly seeking useful information on CAM.  Ann has won numerous awards for her work, is a well-sought after speaker and advocate, and works with a variety of cancer and integrative organizations nationwide, helping to set parameters, recommending patient/consumer advocates and positions.


Join Ann and me as we talk about her story.  Ann loves to tell people about the many ways to use natural strategies to heal and to reduce risk, so come join the conversation!

You can listen live to the show on the All Cancer Network at, Tuesday, May 22nd at 1pm.