Survive and Live Well, Tuesday, October 2nd at 1pm EST

Mammograms do not prevent cancer. Early detection does not prevent breast cancer; in fact, both may contribute to it. Treatments don’t cure and cause “resulting effects”, including more cancer. Are we really survivors, or are we just women who have gotten through treatment? Sadly, we are encouraged to walk and wave banners, to join in the masses donating to end breast cancer. Here on Survive and Live Well, we talk about treating and beating cancer……what better way to beat it than to prevent it. We can do our best to prevent cancer through diet and lifestyle choices; sadly, it often takes more, and sadly, much of what is required is too expensive or unavailable to most. We need a vaccine.

Join us Tuesday, October 2nd, when I will chat with Dr Kathleen Ruddy as she clarifies the efficacy and potential of the first ever breast cancer vaccine…available to go to trial today, with or without the pink ribbons. Why the wait? Is it egos or financial motive? Learn how others are holding back what might be our best chance for preventing breast cancer and saving the lives of those currently living with the disease.
You can listen live, Tuesday, October 2nd at 1pm, on Have questions or want to join in the conversation? Join us in the chat room.