New Show Alert: How to Beat and Treat Cancer


How to Beat and Treat Cancer:

May 1 2012

Contact: Elyn Jacobs




How to treat and beat cancer! As a breast cancer survivor herself, Elyn Jacobs, a certified cancer coach has been empowering women to successfully navigate therapies and treatments for some time.


Most people do not die from their cancer, but rather from the complications and consequences of the cancer and treatments, many of which are preventable and manageable. Our very survival depends on how we manage our cancer. ” Elyn has a passion to help women treat and beat cancer by enhancing treatment and reducing recurrence risk using complementary and alternative therapies.

Everyone needs an advocate, “states Elyn. “Empowering women to be active participants in their care is my #1 goal.“

Starting Tuesday May 22 2012 at 1 pm Eastern, which is 12 Central or 10 Pacific, and every Tuesday thereafter, join Elyn on her new radio show “Survive and Live Well” where she will discuss an array of treatment and lifestyle choices to help you find the best options for you and your cancer.


You can listen live to the show on the All Cancer Network att Where until there is a cure…supporting the whole patient, their caregivers, and family, “explains Dean K Piper, network producer, “ is what we are striving to do”.