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  1. I am a retired Registered Nurse with a Master’s Degree in Human Development. I am a 5 year ovarian cancer survivor and I have an award winning book Outshine: An Ovarian Cancer Memoir about this lesser known disease, and offering hope and inspiration to women and their families. Proceeds go to gyn. research. I have a published article with “Oncology Times”
    and I have been a guest on Triangle Radio and RNFM Radio.
    I have a weekly blog about health/wellness, relationships, spirituality, and cancer at
    I would welcome the opportunity to talk about ovarian cancer; its symptoms, risk factors, and statistics; and the healthy ways I coped with this most serious diagnosis including meditation, Qigong, massage, healthy touch, positivity, humor, family support, and my faith in God.

  2. Alyssa Curry says:


    My name is Alyssa. I work directly with Marala Scott. She is
    Oprah’s Ambassador of Hope and the Award-winning Author of In Our
    House: Perception vs. Reality and Surrounded by Inspiration. I’m
    reaching out to see if you would be interested in interviewing Marala
    Scott and/or David Tuccaro Jr., the subject of her new book, Bad To
    The Bone. It has already reached Amazon’s Best Seller list at #17
    within one month of being released. If you are interested, feel free
    to contact me at Thank you for your time and
    have a great evening.

  3. Would love to take part in a show focused on pediatric/childhood cancer. Please contact me at: 908334-7740. Thank you…

  4. Gai Comans says:

    I have been a guest of Joni Alrich’s a couple of months ago.

    I am completing a project where I have interviewed 20 breast cancer survivors and asked them to give me their best advice for 2 books/guides. One for when diagnosed and one for when treatment finishes. I have completed the interviews and expect the guides to be released and the end of Feb which will be the lead up to a world summit in June/July of this year. I also have a plan for weekly interviews following the release of the guides in March.

    I would be interested to speak to someone about being a guest or hosting a radio show.
    Thanks Gai

    Skype name comansg
    and I am already connected to you on Skype from the interview I did with Joni

  5. Ann Wax says:

    Being an oncology nurse for many years, and reading many self-help books on how to get through the cancer disease process, I realized that many of these books were not healing tools for wellness. They did not address the intuitive healing awareness that one does have to help heal themselves. Therefore, I was compelled to write a book that acts as a guide to enable a person to become his or her own advocate and find wellness

    I have always felt that when you come across people who express their thoughtfulness by how they conduct themselves to others is serendipitous. The goodness of that person is transpired into connecting with another person for goodness. This in turn helps the balance of humanity to make the world a better place.

    Therefore, I have written a book “Op-Ed on Cancer”. I would be delighted to speak with you and your viewers about my thoughts regarding coping with the cancer disease process.

    Looking forward to hearing from you, Ann

  6. I would like to introduce my son Eric who, being inspired by his disabled older sister, created HandySpeech – first and only handwriting-to-speech mobile application for people with speech and hearing disabilities. Eric was just 12yo when the application was released.

    “I invented HandySpeech to give a voice to people who are unable to speak,” said Eric Zeiberg. “ I hope that HandySpeech will provide much needed help and open new opportunities for people in need.” Eric

    HandySpeech provides people with speech and hearing disabilities a quick and easy conversational tool.

    The application’s ability to translate handwritten text into spoken language makes HandySpeech easier to use and more natural than commercially available keyboarding solutions.

    HandySpeech is a valuable tool for individuals with a variety of speech and language impairments, including those who are living with oral, head, neck or larynx cancer; and those with post-operative voice difficulties. It is quick to learn conversational tool for people with vocal cords impairments due to surgery, paralysis, vocal nodules and others.
    The application was approved by Dr. Bernard Grela, Ph.D. Associate Professor
    Interim Department Chair Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences, University of Connecticut

    HandySpeech and the story behind it got extensive publicity since it was released: The Hartford Courant, FoxCT, NBC Connecticut, Hartford Business Journal. Eric was recognized by CT General Assembly for his contribution to improving lives of people with disabilities.
    (–press.html). Another good article is here.

    You can read more on our website:

  7. I am a cancer patient with a recently released book to help people endure chemotherapy. My book, Mental Mastery of Chemotherapy is a guide to mediation and positive mental imagery.

    On December 13, 2012, I was diagnosed with Stage 3B adenocarcinoma cancer of the colon. The anxiety about the long list of side effects discussed during my pre-chemo “information sessions” gave way to a mix of fear and excitement at the thought of fighting off the cancer; these emotions followed me to my first chemotherapy session.

    Hearing the diagnosis of cancer is one of the hardest moments to endure, and the process of undergoing chemotherapy can be even more difficult and terrifying. Both the diagnosis and treatment of cancer take a significant toll on not only the physical body, but also on the mind and the spirit.

    Faced with the largest lifetime hurdle, I decided to practice methods of positive mental conditioning, such as mental focus, positive mental imagery, and meditation in order to better handle the unavoidable side effects of my chemotherapy treatment.

    The results of my positive mentality were undeniable. I was much more proactive in my fight against cancer and was able to continue a “normal” life. I completely surpassed my expectations of my physical limits while undergoing chemotherapy.

    I really do believe that having a positive mentality can significantly impact your body’s willingness to continue to fight. Being mentally focused and present allows cancer patients to celebrate the here and now and continue to live life to its fullest.

    As a recovering cancer patient, I strive to help chemotherapy patients overcome the physical side effects of treatment through self-reflection, meditation, and the development of positive mental imagery. The conscious and unconscious mind is a powerful influencer over our physical state of being. By learning how to cope with the stresses of treatment through the practices demonstrated in my book, patients will be able to mentally master the chemotherapy process and lead a more positive and manageable life!

    I hope that you will allow me to share my story with your listeners. If I am able to impact the life of even one person, my journey will have been worth it.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    David Nethero

  8. Donna says:

    Hello – I would like information about being a guest on your radio show to spread awareness about cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer).

    Thank you,


  9. Hello and good morning or afternoon! I am an author and stage IV colorectal cancer survivor who defeated my cancer without chemotherapy. The book, “A Semicolon Kind of Life; Living & Healing with Colorectal Cancer”, is a memoir detailing everything I researched and everything I attempted to do to heal myself naturally of the cancer. I eventually figured out that it really wasn’t my cancer that needed to be cured, then set about healing what was really wrong.

    The book offers support, encouragement, and hope to anyone struggling with a challenging illness. The above website is the facebook page dedicated to the book where I also offer one on one support and nutrition advice to anyone, but particularly to those familiar with what I did and want help in developing their own healing program. The book has gained the interest of the television show “The Doctors”, and has over 1300 facebook fans. I’m always looking for ways to get the book out there because I know it can help others. I continually run Kindle countdown deals for it, and offer free interviews to public radio stations and blogs. If you’d like to sample or read the book, here is the link to it’s location:

    If after you sample/read the book and think it is something your listeners would benefit from, please consider scheduling an interview with me. I can be reached at the listed email or on the link I included in this post.

    Health and happiness,


  10. Hi! I am a two-time cancer survivor and the author of a book for anyone with any kind of cancer called Sunflower Spirit. I would love to be on one of your radio shows. Please advise as to my next steps. Peace and joy, Anne Marie

  11. John Novack says:

    I’m writing to inquire if you’d consider having as an on-air guest my boss, Inspire co-founder and CEO Brian Loew. Brian has led the creation of an online support community, organized by medical condition, of more than a half million patients and caregivers. About 100,000 of those members are affected by cancer. Many of the communities are created in partnership with leading patient advocacy organizations, like the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, American Childhood Cancer Organization, and the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network.
    I invite you to check out Please contact me if I can provide additional information. Thanks for your consideration.

  12. Hello Joni,

    I have sent you a Linked-In message as well, but wanted to follow the proper procedure for requesting to be a guest on your show.

    I am a Physical Therapist practicing in Utah and serving as President of SOMA Health, LLC and it’s D.B.A. Freedom2Move. Our company’s newest project, the Freedom2Move Home Exercise Program video line, is for anyone who either isn’t able to or shouldn’t participate in the popular mainstream videos on the market. The program utilizes principles of physical therapy and exercise & sports science to make it customizable to anyone, whether they are a recreational athlete or unable to move at all on their own without assistance. It also has a prominent educational component, so that participants understand the exercises, what muscles are being targeted and when enough exercise is enough (a very important principle for cancer patients and survivors). Nannette, one of the exercise models on our first video, is an 18 month breast cancer survivor and has found the program to be very beneficial during her treatment and recovery.

    There are a number of different topics that we could discuss on one of your shows (e.g. cancer and exercise, proper parameters, specific physical challenges and recommended solutions for different types of cancer, home adaptations to improve activities of daily living and safety…). I would also love to discuss the concepts of the Freedom2Move exercise program and what makes it both unique and so customizable.

    Thank you for your work and advocacy for a population that is so dear to us. Like so many others, each member of our executive team has been affected by cancer to some degree or another; we want to do our part in the fight.



    Dr. Matt Hansen, D.P.T. (President)
    Freedom2Move, DBA OF SOMA Health, LLC

  13. My name is Avinoam Lerner and I am Boston MA clinical Hypnotherapist specializing in cancer care and the author of The New Cancer Paradigm.

    Back in 2011I had my own radio show on Voice America and therefore know that your channel is an invaluable resource to many in need. Since my practice is where I spend most of my time I often chime in as a guest on colleagues shows. The more recent one was just a few weeks ago:

    In a nutshell, my work highlights the multidimensional nature of illness and the need to treat not only the body but also the Mind. Failing to do so; I argue, mean separating the person from their illness thus failing to treat the root cause of the illness. This unfortunately results all too often, in cancer resurfacing in secondary medical condition.

    Patients often feel separated from their illness by the medical model of care. Intuitively they know the surgery knife can’t cut deep enough to reach that deepest core of who they are. This is where I help them the most.

    I feel it is of great value to listeners to learn about the role of the Subconscious Mind in sickness and health and how they can harness the power of their own Mind to improve their capacity to fight against and recover from their illness.

    If you were inclined to address the topic Mind Body Medicine in Cancer Care on your show, it would be wonderful if we can set few minutes to talk.

    With joy,
    Avinoam Lerner

  14. Hi! My name is Christina and I wanted to reach out to tell you how much I enjoy The Cancer Support Network Radio Show. As a 2x survivor of stage 4 Hodgkin Lymphoma I know how important it is to hear from our fellow cancer warriors. I too host a podcast – called The Cancer GamePlan – where I interview inspiring Cancer Warriors about their journey through their cancer battle. If you’d ever like to have me as a guest on your show to share my own cancer story, I would be honored! If you’d like to learn a bit more about me and/or The Cancer GamePlan, just go to Thanks again for all you do, and Happy Holidays!

  15. Hi

    I am a spokesperson for women facing reproductive and breast cancer. I have been hosting an Internet radio show out of San Diego on this topic for several months and we are working hard to raise the bar for women. I am also the founder of CALIEB, which delivers a unique healthcare model designed to address the unmet needs of women facing reproductive and breast cancer. It is the first platform to build a Dream Team of sub-specialists with unique expertise in helping women through the journey to regain wholeness after the trauma of female cancer, CALIEB has gained international attention. My book, Female Cancer: The Vital Role of Self Perceived Beauty in the Healing Process–A Study in Breast Reconstruction can be found at

    CALIEB is a strategic voice designed to change the perception of who a woman can be– post cancer. As an ovarian cancer survivor, prophylactic mastectomy and breast reconstruction patient and BRCA positive THRIVER, I designed CALIEB to combine the best of medical beauty interventions to provide a roadmap for the journey back from a diagnosis of female reproductive and breast cancer.

    By combining a Dream Team of the best of the best in critical sub-specialities, CALIEB has pioneered the process of post cancer restoration. Developed as the result of my personal journey, CALIEB recognizes, supports and validates the role of a patient’s self defined vision of beauty in the healing process.

    With ground breaking research engaging the voices of women across the US, CALIEB is credited with empowering women with information and resources to address the little spoken of after affects of life saving cancer treatments. CALIEB works in partnership with the most gifted in surgical and non surgical innovations to raise the bar for the post cancer woman.

    I would love to be a host on your show and make a difference for others together!

    901 230 3890

  16. Samantha Watson, two-time cancer survivor and founder of The SAMFund for Surviving and Moving Forward, would be delighted to be a guest on W4CS. Since 2003, The SAMFund has served as the first U.S. organization to provide financial resources to young adult cancer survivors, giving out more than $1.35 million in grants.

    Sam is a lively guest who can share facts and statistics in an entertaining manner as well as dozens of stories of survivors who were facing (or had filed) bankruptcy due to their cancer treatment and are now living fulfilling lives. I look forward to the opportunity to speak with you.

  17. Would love to come on and chat! Thanks for what you are doing

  18. I am a former oncology nurse practitioner with years of experience in working with cancer patients and research. My colleagues and I developed a website designed to validate cancer patients’ treatment recommendation and provide them with full understanding of their cancer and how their treatment is derived, in order to help them feel confident about their treatment plan.

    We have been featured in several health and business websites, radio show, and San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. Our social media pages and our website blogs provide cancer patients and their families with the most up-to-date research and information regarding cancer, treatment, and side effects.

    I would welcome the opportunity to talk about empowering cancer patients in our community to advocate for their own health.

    You can visit our site for more information.

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