Does a Virus Cause Breast Cancer in Women?

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012–Dr Kathleen Ruddy, MD

Dr Kathleen Ruddy is a MSKCC trained breast cancer surgeon. She is also the Founder and President of the Breast Health & Healing Foundation, the only non-profit organization whose specific mission is to discover the causes of breast cancer and use that knowledge to prevent the disease. She created the iPhone app, Breast Health GPS in 2010, the iPad app, Breast CA 411 in 2011, and the smart phone app, Lobby Me Pink in 2011. Kathleen’s focus is to answer the question, “Does a virus cause breast cancer in women? “ She is also committed to help fund Professor Vincent Tuohy’s first preventive breast cancer vaccine (Cleveland Clinic.) Kathleen believes that the PURE CURE is prevention.

Dr Ruddy will tackle the question, “Does a virus cause breast cancer in women?”

You can listen live to the show on the All Cancer Network at Tuesday June 26th, at 1pm EST.