Caregiving SOS, Wed., Oct. 16th, 2:00 pm ET, Guest: Joe Vosters, President Bill-Ray Home Mobility, Friendly Beds

Co-host: Sandy Concar Guest: Joe Vosters, President at Bill-Ray Home Mobility, LLC. Friendly Beds is something new, innovative, and unique; there is no other product with a three-foot long trapeze, heavy duty pivoting assist rails, attached balance pole, over-the-mattress nightstands, a transfer bar (for people with little/no leg strength), etc. The product allows people to sleep in their normal wide bed (with space to roll over or sleep with a bed partner) despite the issues of age/disability, a choice that never existed before. Featured in StrokeSmart and New Mobility magazines, on,,, etc., Friendly Beds is a new product to keep the elderly/disabled safe, independent and at home longer. These beds offer specific benefits for elderly, stroke, MS, MD, CP, Parkinson’s, arthritis, and spinal cord injury. The goal is to allow the patient to remain safe and in the least expensive environment as long as possible. Rebroadcast, Sat., Oct. 19th at 4:00 pm ET, 1:00 pm PT, www.W4CS.com1 Friendly_Beds